In the business world, it is crucial for business leaders to have an understanding of all facets of a modern organisation’s financial responsibilities. Financial managers (Accountants) must be prepared with the knowledge of an organisation’s financial processes to ensure compliance with all regulatory acts and requirements governing the operation of an organisation.
Finance associate professionals, banking officers, employees of financial establishment and related fields, financial officers for legal officers and individuals in the general accounting and taxation fields have very important roles in the business environment.

At a Glance

QualificationFNS60215 Advanced Diploma of Accounting (superseded)
AccreditationNationally recognised - meets AQF standards
Qualification StatusCurrent
CRICOS Code089801J
Study ModeClassroom: 14 hours per week
Online: 6 hours per week
Duration36 weeks (package with CIVA or/and DA) 65 weeks (only ADA)
Intake Dates
Entry RequirementsIELTS 5.5 or equivalent + Certificate IV in Accounting + Diploma of Accounting

Employment opportunities

This qualification is designed to reflect the role of individuals working in accounting and seeking professional identification.

Advanced Diploma of Accounting Course (superseded)

FNSACC604Monitor corporate governance activitiesCore
FNSINC602Interpret and use financial statistics and toolsCore
FNSINC601Apply economic principles to work in the financial services industryCore
FNSACC503Manage budgets and forecastsElective
FNSACC506Implement and maintain internal control proceduresElective
FNSACC501Provide financial and business performance information Elective
FNSACC502Prepare tax documentation for individualsElective
FNSACC507Provide management accounting information Elective
FNSTPB503Apply legal principles in consumer and contract lawElective
FNSACC601Prepare and administer tax documentation for legal entitiesElective
FNSACC608Evaluate organization’s financial performanceElective
FNSACC602Audit and report on financial systems and recordsElective
FNSACC603Implement tax plans and evaluate tax obligationsElective
FNSACC606Conduct internal auditElective

SC EditorFNS60215 Advanced Diploma of Accounting (superseded)