Strathfield College is offering students yet another opportunity for a meaningful educational experience—the Student Representative Council (SRC). It is currently inviting students to join the SRC to help the college community in new ways.

So, what will the duties of the SRC be? Here are a few responsibilities expected of the council:

  • Plan and organise social events or projects, on and off-campus
  • Introduce ideas to improve the overall student experience
  • Represent all students in voicing concerns or issues
  • Liaise between students and faculty/staff
  • Ensure a healthy environment for educational and personal development

Joining the student council is a great way to boost career prospects after graduation. It teaches important people skills and organisational skills, leads to deeper self-discovery and builds networks, among many others. Best of all, one can add this to his or her resume and it can be a good reference to claim leadership experience from.

Having a list of projects led or positions held looks good on one’s resume. It signals to employers one’s capacity to handle multiple responsibilities, manage time well and handle resources effectively—strengths that companies across industries are looking for in potential employees. Who knows, being a student leader now could also mean becoming a manager in one’s company down the road!

Students interested in joining the SRC may approach the Learning Advisor at Room 409 of the Mary Street campus.