Every now and then, Strathfield College students hold farewell parties for their fellow students who are graduating, returning home or transitioning to higher studies. They could be a simple gathering over some delicious snacks inside the campus or full-blown dining in one of the city’s swankiest restaurants. Either way, the goal of the farewell party is to express appreciation and gratitude for time spent together, as well as to wish graduating students the best in their next adventures and to, most importantly, have fun.

Strathfield College is particularly proud of these farewell parties, however sentimental it can get to see its graduates move on, for these events show how closely-knit the student community truly is. Students get to build meaningful friendships and solid networks during their stay at Strathfield College because of the productive hours spent learning and growing together. These farewell parties are like sweet icing on the cake, to endearingly top off the graduating students’ journey with Strathfield College.

The graduates who are sent off, on the other hand, have all the right reasons to march forward with hope and happiness. The vocational degrees they’ve earned from Strathfield College give them strong credentials for their chosen careers, especially after being taught by Strathfield’s experienced faculty, trained through internships, and guided by the school’s support services.

If instead of starting their careers immediately, graduates choose to transition to higher learning, their VET qualification from Strathfield College earns them course credits (or exemptions) at Strathfield’s academic partners:

  • Southern Cross University
  • University of Newcastle
  • Australian Higher Education
  • University of Technology Sydney
  • KAPLAN Higher Education
  • The Hotel School Sydney and Melbourne
  • King’s Own Institute

At Strathfield College, exchanging goodbyes upon graduation leads to confidently saying hello to new adventures, opportunities and pathways. More information on these pathways is available here.