Cost of Living in Australia
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Trading Hours
Most shops operate 7 days a week and are usually open from 9.00am to 5.30pm with late night shopping on Thursdays until 9.00pm. Most supermarkets in the suburbs are open later.
Banks are generally open from 9.30am-4.00pm Monday to Thursday and from 9.00am to 5.00pm on Fridays. Banks are generally closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

To open an account of any nature you must take your passport and other forms of identification with you to the bank. Accounts with ATM access are preferable as there are many ATMs throughout Sydney and this makes accessing money very easy.

Australia Post
Post offices in Australia are called Australia Post and are open from 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday and some branches are open on Saturday mornings. Whilst banking cannot be done at a post office, telephone and electricity bills can be paid through Australia Post.
Many different religions are practised throughout Sydney and the surrounding suburbs. If you wish to contact a particular religious group regarding locations or opportunities to practise your faith, please ask our Student Support Officer to assist you.
Service Phone Number/Contact
Police, Ambulance or Fire (call in a life threatening or emergency situation) 000
State Emergency Service (SES)(call for help in floods or storms) 132 500
Directory Assistance 12 455
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (Sydney only) 02 9515 6111
The Royal Melbourne Hospital (Melbourne only) 03 9342 7000
Immigration and business, student and visitor visas (DIAC) 131 881
Mc Kell Building
2-24 Rawson Place
Sydney NSW 2000
Doctors and dentists Ask our Student Support Officers for locations
Emergency Health line Health Direct:

1800 022 222

Salvation Army (general advice and support services) 1300 36 36 22
Smith Family (general advice and support services) 1800 024 069
St Vincent de Paul Society (Sydney only – general advice and support) 02 9350 9652
St Vincent de Paul Society (Melbourne only – general advice and support) 1800 305 330
ABC taxis (Sydney only) 132 522
RSL taxis (Sydney only) 9581 1111
Silver Top Taxi (Melbourne only) 132 227
13CABS (Melbourne only) 132 227