Strathfield College is proud to have a well-connected and enthusiastic student body that interacts outside the classroom on a social level. Teachers, with students’ help, organise excursions, day trips, barbecues and end-of-year functions. The staff at the College know that these activities help students use their English language skills in a different setting, as well as giving them the chance to see the beautiful locations that their campus’s city has to offer.

Out and about. Students in Sydney take advantage of the beautiful weather and took a day trip to see the awesome sites at the Blue Mountains.
The Fitzroy Gardens. A mere 13 minute walk from the campus is this 26 hectare tree-lined garden that’s usually one of the first few stops for our new students who are new to Melbourne.
Melbourne Visitor Centre. All tours start here at the visitor centre.
Student Representative Council. Our tireless student body who are always full of ideas about what to do and where to go.
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