We have qualified and experienced teachers for every Vocational Educational Training course. We invite you to meet our VET Trainers:

Eva Belovai – Diploma of Business Administration & Diploma of Travel and Tourism


“I’m very passionate about business, learning, and evidently passing on my knowledge for the benefit of others”

Eva currently trains Diploma of Business Administration and Diploma of Travel and Tourism at the Business Faculty of Strathfield College.   She completed her Bachelor of Business majoring in accounting and finance, and she also holds a Diploma of IT and Diploma of Management.  She has been working as a part-time teacher in Sydney Institute of TAFE for 15 years, teaching Accounting, Tourism and Business Administration.

Eva’s employment history began in the tourism industry, where she has 20 years of experience. Her roles in the industry have incorporated wholesale, retail leisure, corporate, meetings and events and tour guiding.   Eva has combined her love of travel with working with for Creative Holidays and as a Study Tour Manager of Sydney Institute English Language Centre.  Eva has lived and worked in Europe and visited a number of destinations in particular Europe, America and Asia.  She then entered the financial industry and now she has been working in Business Accounting for three years.

Lavina Quillam –  Certificate IV in Marketing


“I am passionate about teaching and motivating students to learn in a safe and caring environment”

She has thoroughly enjoys teaching at Strathfield college and has been a trainer in Marketing since October 2010.

She has completed her Bachelor degree in Accounting in 2008, then completed her Masters’ degree in Secondary Teaching in 2010 and has a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment (LLN).

 Charles Blackburn – Certificate IV in Marketing, Advanced Diploma of Marketing & Advanced Diploma of Business


“I am committed to creating a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating and encouraging to students”

Charles has over 20 years of corporate experience gained at an executive management level. He currently continues to consult in the business arena, in areas of marketing, sales and business operations.He uses this knowledge to supplement all the courses he teaches at SC College, giving students real life examples to highlight the academic theory.

Charles is dedicated, resourceful and goal-driven professional educator with a solid commitment to the academic growth and development of his students. He has a demonstrated ability to consistently individualize instruction, based on student’s needs and interests. Skilled in adapting to students’ diverse learning styles.

Robin Rajan – Diploma of Hospitality 


“I have more than 30 years of Hospitality industry know-how being employed with international hotels in senior management roles as well as successfully owned and operated Food & Beverage businesses in Sydney”

Robin has hospitality qualifications from Australia, India & Switzerland, possesses extensive experience in the professional education and training having worked as a hospitality trainer with several prominent  Registered Training Organisations in Australia. Including Carrick Education Group, Meridian International Hotel School and Austraining Business Institute.

He is currently delivering Diploma of Hospitality at Strathfield College since January 2013.


Pinky GajjarAdv Dipl of IT Project Management

“In Long-term, we must begin to build our internal strengths. It isn’t just skills like computer technology. It’s the old-fashioned basics of self-reliance, self-motivation, self-reinforcement, self-discipline, and self-command– Steven Pressfield”

My name is Pinky Gajjar, I am IT, web developer and Advance Diploma of IT (Project Management) trainer for Strathfield College in Sydney Campus. I have been working as a developer and IT Trainer since last Twelve years.


How did I get into IT and web development?

After finishing My Year 12, I studied a Bachelor of Engineering in IT and was interested in programming from the very start.

I love to resolve logical, real-time case studies where you can analyses the problem and create the solution accordingly. That’s why I chose to start my career in software and website development/Management.

After engineering, I have worked as a web developer in one of the world’s largest multinational corporations before starting my own freelance website business to share my experience and skills.

What is my favourite thing about working in this IT industry?

Well, I like programming in general and I like solving problems. I like looking at a system as a whole and fitting the pieces together, the satisfaction of going from sketches and mock-ups to the final product is enjoyable. It’s like it’s a big puzzle in my head and there’s a drive to finish it, like an itch you have to scratch.”

Rajan Mehre – Dipl of Hospitality Management

The skills gained over my career are utilised to provide a practical guide to the day-to-day techniques.


I have more than 10 years’ experience teaching accredited Hospitality, Leadership & and business courses, in classroom and workplace settings.  This substantial experience as a vocational Trainer follows 35+ years in senior Hospitality positions at various International hotels and more recent as a successful restaurateur in Sydney. I continue to advice and work on restaurants start-ups and its management. My hands-on experience and skills gained in business & its administration reflects my personnel leadership and style in my teaching role.

I did my Diploma of Hotel Management from Mumbai, India’s prime institute and had chef training stint at Steigenbergers Hotel in Germany. My further qualification portfolios are Advance Diploma of Hospitality and Advance Diploma of Leadership and Management in Australia

Rabindra Shrestha – Adv Dipl of IT Project Management

“I believe teaching and learning are not only the sharing of ideas and knowledge, these are the keys to be successful in life and to make the world best place to live.”

I have recently started teaching in Starthfield College but have been in ICT related field since 2012.

I have moved to Australia since 2008 as an IT student  and after completing the bachelors of Information Technology, I have worked in different companies as IT administrator.

I have done Cisco and Microsoft certifications to enhance my professional skills as well.

I love to keep myself up to date in IT field and always keen to learn new technology.

Eushra Nashim – Dipl of Leadership and Management

Eushra’s favourite quote that she truly believes in is from Robert John Meehan “ We are not “Just” Teachers,  we are the managers of the world’s greatest resource: children!”

Eushra is working as a Diploma of Leadership and Management Trainer for Strathfield College. She has completed Master of Education degree specialising in Information technology in education and training. The subjects Instructional strategies and design, Online learning and teaching, Critical issues in Adult, Vocational and Higher Education, Learning about learning in Adult, Vocational and Higher Education and Evaluation of Technology based learning in her Master degree has helped her to understand the changes in the approaches to teaching, learning and assessment in the education and training of adults. She has learnt about the effective approaches for developing skills, understandings and higher order thinking processes among adults.

Eushra has also completed Bachelors in Accounting and has a Diploma and Advance Diploma in Management.

Dinkar Sigdel –  Certificate IV in Information Technology


“I like teaching particularly the human interaction aspect as well as sharing knowledge and ideas rather than just only dealing with the technical aspects”

My name is Dinkar, originally from Nepal.

In 2004 I completed certifications such as Microsoft, CompTIA (Computer Technology Industry Association) as well as training certification for Redhat and Cisco.

I then worked as an IT support, systems and network administrator and other IT positions for quite a few years.

In 2008 I came to Australia as an International student to obtain further qualifications. I completed my Bachelor of Information Technology. After completing my degree, I started working in the IT Industry in Sydney and for the last few years, I have been working as an IT trainer at private colleges.

I am always updating my and professional skills and willing to learn new technologies in order to make things easier, faster and more reliable.

Miguel Velasquez – Diploma of Business Administration & Advanced Diploma of Business


“Technology and globalization is changing the way businesses operate, at Strathfield College we aim to give students hands on experience by using current technology in business with a global perspective”

Miguel is currently a business trainer at Strathfield College for Diploma of Business Administration and Advance Diploma of business.  After his M.B.A studies he worked for a superannuation and financial planning company in Australia, experienced that gave him strong perspective in business.

Miguel latter lived in China for 3 years working on exports and imports of goods from China. Thanks to technology and internet he continues working on exports with Chines businesses, experience that also allows him to bring real business examples in class.

Andre Brun – Diploma of Hospitality


“My range of experience both here in Australia and in Europe has proven a bonus by having been selected on a number of occasions to cook for Royalty Crown Prince Frederick and Princess Mary as well as Tony Abbott”

Andre has been teaching since 2005 initially Commercial Cookery. He has used his experience from running his own restaurant and holding tourism expos to then teach Diploma of Hospitality and Tourism.

Andre has worked at Tafe and the Carrick Education Group. His last venture involved training hospital kitchen staff to ensure that NSW Food safety standards were being met. Andre is currently teaching Hospitality Management at Strathfield College. 

Fredro Harjanto – CertIV and Diploma of IT

“My advice to my students is to study, work and build your network well, so you will be successful in your career.”

I have taught in 18 different institutions, within the VET and Higher Education sector. At 3 different countries (in Sydney, California, and Jakarta).

My qualifications include and not limited to, Master of Science in Computer Science, Bachelor

of Science in Electrical Engineering Computer Science, TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Diploma of Project Management, Advanced Diploma of Business, Advanced Diploma of Information Technology, and Advanced Diploma of Management.

My experience spans information technology, science, and is not limited to any other areas within the Business and Management.

My recent industry experience are in IT roles include IT contractor/project manager for mobile application and website projects based in Australia, USA, and Indonesia.

His research interests are in machine learning, pattern recognition and computer vision.

Manoj Timsina – Diploma of IT


“Knowledge and inspiration only comes through education that gives chance to people to grow and rise within themselves”

In 2002, my career in IT began when I joined Bachelor of Computer Engineering at Purbanchal University in Nepal. After completion of my bachelor degree, I involved in software designing team in Purbe Software. I was working as an interface designer and programmer. In 2012, I completed Master of IT from University of Ballarat. I have done CCNA (Routing and Switching) and also hold networking professional certificate from Cisco Networking Academy too.


I have started my career in IT after completing my Bachelor degree. However in Australia, I worked for a networking device supplier at IP Supply Pty Ltd in May 2015, where I continuously configure Cisco, Juniper, HP routers and switches.  This work experience made me interested to work in Computer networking industry. In August 2015, I worked in IT support and maintenance for UPA corporate, where my task was to optimize cloud based software Leecare platinum.  Being involve in support team I got chance to visit different part of NSW, which was very much fun for me. Currently, I am working in TPG telecom where my task is to allocate, configure, test modems as well as handling customer request and queries.

I am very delighted to work as an IT trainer in stratified college. It is really fun in sharing my knowledge and experience with new comers of IT industry. It not only provides me chance to share my knowledge but also gives me opportunity to broaden my understanding in computer world.

Kireet Joshi – Certificate IV in Accounting, Diploma of Accounting & Advanced Diploma of Accounting

“I find Strathfield College as an extremely vibrant institution which always look out for quality excellence in its training, student support and above all its employee centric approach”

Kireet Joshi, who is popularly called as “Joshi” or “Josh”, has a unique blend of experience in VET training and Management for over twelve years in Australia. Joshi also carries a sizeable overseas experience as a Techie and senior Manager with US MNCs such as Cummins and PepsiCo, which he successfully blends with his training. Joshi has an all-round experience as a business professional due to his long exposure to various functional areas. Joshi joined Strathfield College as an Accounting Trainer in 2011 and enjoys working here.

As a VET professional with extensive Training experience, he learned that the best way to achieve excellence in training through engaging and motivating the learners as well as resources. He is a confident, driving individual who reacts quickly to change and a fluent and articulate communicator, and a self-directed, goal oriented doer.

Philip Dowling – CertIV in Marketing and Communications / Adv Dipl of Leadership and Management


I have over 30 years of senior executive management and marketing experience within both multinational organisations and small to medium enterprises.

He has successfully managed his own consultancy business in Sydney, Australia for over 12 years and provides professional services to a diverse global client base from Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa and the Americas.

Philip enjoys sharing his comprehensive management and marketing knowledge in the classroom with the leaders of the future. His lectures are informative and inspiring.

Ahmed Sharif Rahman – Adv Dipl of IT Project Management / Dipl of Website Development

“A strong believer in the power of technology, motivated by passion for programming, Ahmed brings years of experience in different disciplines including software engineering, robotics and digital media”

I Have over 10 years of extensive experience at different disciplines in ICT including software engineering, robotics and digital media. He is currently serving as an IT trainer at Strathfield College, Sydney. He has also co-founded a company called Rapidsoft Pty Ltd, where he currently acts as a product specialist and provides consultation and customised solutions that incorporate web technologies, digital and print media.

Ahmed is a graduate of the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) where he received a Bachelor of Engineering Science in software development. He was awarded ICT International Scholarship by UTS. He has also achieved a Diploma of Computing from SIBT, Macquarie University which marked the start of his career as an IT professional and trainer. Ahmed has slowly developed a strong sense of devotion towards the education industry where he feels the opportunity to share his knowledge and skills to new knowledge seekers. This experience gave him deep appreciation towards young enthusiasts who intend to pursue a career in IT and contribute to technological advancements.

Trained as a hard-core programmer, Ahmed feels a passion for cutting-edge technology that uses artificial intelligence and multi-tasking capabilities. He has contributed to the development of sophisticated robots that uses speech recognition and synthesis. He is also an active member and contributor at recognised software development communities and forums showcasing his programming skills and complex algorithms.

In addition to his strong interest in modern technology, Ahmed also enjoys reading and researching on new trends in graphic arts and proven strategies in the publishing industry. Ahmed believes that success comes from motivation, hard work and by keeping up with the newest innovations

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