Certificate III in Guiding Students Excursions

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Experiences on the field

On the field excursion the students are taken to various tour sites around Sydney where they are required to identify all hazards that guests could be exposed to if they go on a tour.  This class went to Dobroyd Point (on the Manly to Spit Bridge Walk) and Red Hands Cave at West Head in Ku-ringai Chase National Park.  Both of these sites have Aboriginal art in rock carvings and cave paintings.  This relates to the Indigenous culture and heritage units of the course.

The aim is to make students aware of the potential dangers from traffic, slippery rocks, cliffs, poisons insects and animals, and a range of other hazards they could be faced with when leading tour groups.  The students are required to list hazards in a checklist, then they work in groups when back in class to analyse the hazards, determine the level of risk for each, prioritise the most dangerous hazards, then design safety and risk control procedures and instructions they could use on a real tour to those places.
This is an experience you can’t get in the classroom and adds greatly to the learning experience for all students”.

David Lang – CIIIG trainer

“We went to a site excursion in a different National Parks in North Sydney, the Sydney Harbour National Park and the Ku-King National Park. We have been there to identify hazards and assess and control safety risks in a bush walk.
We enjoyed this excursion because it was more interesting and very hands on. That is why we choose to do this discipline; we like and love the interactive”.

Students – CIIIG class

CIIIG class excursion 13 february CIIIG excursions

SC EditorCertificate III in Guiding Students Excursions