Step 1 – Notice 1: Fees Reminder and Invoice
You will be posted a fees reminder and an Invoice four weeks before your tuition fee is due. It will also be emailed to your agent.This invoice will be the First Notice and you are required to pay by the due date. The following are some of the payment options accepted at the college.
For more information ask the Marketing Department for the Student Payment Options and Remittance document.
Step 2 – Final Reminder: Intention to Report
If your fees become overdue by 7 working days immediate payment is required and a final reminder, an Intention to Report notice, will be posted to you. A copy will be emailed to your agent. (This step will be recorded on your personal records at Strathfield College.)

Step 3 ‐ No Appeal or No Payment
You will have 20 working days to appeal in writing or to contact the college regarding payment.

Step 4 ‐ Reporting to DIBP
If payment in full, or a legitimate written request for appeal, is not received from you the College will report you to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIBP) for failure to pay fees. Your CoE will be terminated and your visa may be cancelled.

Step 5 ‐ Student Exclusion If your CoE is cancelled you will not be able to attend classes until the situation is resolved and your account settled.
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