Strathfield College maintains a supportive and fair environment, which allows you to appeal an outcome provided this is done within one week of the decision date.

The appeal should be resolved as amicably as possible using the formal appeal process. In the first instance, the appellant must discuss the matter with the staff member who informed them of the College position or decision, verbally or in writing.

Download Complaints and Appeals Policy

Download Student Appeal Form

If you don’t agree with the College position or decision Strathfield College advises that complainants should formally approach the DoS and the Campus Manager in writing using the Feedback and Complaints form. This form can be obtained from any member of staff. All reasonable measures will be taken to finalise the process as soon as practicable. Students’ enrollment will not change during the appeal process.

Download Student Feedback and Complaints Form

The DoS and Campus Manager’s written decision will be forwarded to you and a copy of the correspondence will be retained in College documentation maintained by the Compliance Officer.

For a full description of the Appeals Policy refer to the International Pre-Enrollment Student Handbook found under Enrollment/ Before Applying tab.

Students can seek help from the Overseas Student Ombudsman


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