Murillo de Paula, Strathfield College’s Regional Recruitment Manager for Europe and Latin America, shares that a major part of his professional life was steeped in his education – from English school to Uni Prep – which prepared him for the challenges of the global job market and landing his current job.

Thus, he couldn’t have said it better when he declares, “I believe that education can truly change one’s life. That’s why I do my job with such dedication.” He adds, “Being part of an international educational group like EduCo is an achievement I’m really proud of.”

He relates that he felt highly motivated to get into the business world because of their family business in Brazil and so he pursued his Bachelor of Business Administration. Then he completed a bachelor’s degree in Travel and Tourism and his Master of Business Administration on Sustainability “to follow my passion for traveling and taking care of the environment.”

Chasing waves around the world

When asked about his interests outside of work, Murillo says with conviction, “I’m absolutely passionate about surfing and nature.” He says he has been surfing since he was a kid, chasing waves around the world for a long time. “Overcoming the cold waters of Victoria is a massive achievement for me!”

Aside from surfing, Murillo has varied interests and relieves the daily stresses of his work by spending time with his family, admiring nature, playing sports or simply chilling out with soothing music. It doesn’t hurt to have a cup of coffee handy!

His exposure to people and different cultures in all the places that he has been to molded his personality in a big way. He claims he used to be shy and quite introverted when he was still a student. Nowadays, he describes himself as a very communicative person who loves working in a dynamic environment and overcoming challenges. “I believe in teamwork and – a good cup of coffee!” he finishes with a cheeky grin.

Passionate about international student recruitment

Murillo’s passion for his sport and other interests also extends into his work. He loves to be connected with people and learning about their background and culture. “I’m really fired up on the job especially because I know that I’m supporting students in their quest to follow their dreams and have a better future.”


He has been assisting international students from Europe and Latin America. Murillo communicates regularly with education agents, setting up the main markets to be focused on, providing continuous training and delivering the right information. He says, “I have been actively recruiting students who believe in the power of education – students who want to become a better version of themselves.

Navigating through the day-to-day international recruitment routine keeps him on his toes, much like his surfing does. Murillo always has a full schedule – attending meetings, conducting training, making phone calls, and writing emails – but he says that he got used to prioritising and multitasking. “My role taught me how to plan in advance and be an organised person. I’m very grateful for that.”

His advice to students as he surfs the waves of international student recruitment: “If you really dedicate yourself to the task at hand, putting in a lot of time and effort, you are able to excel in anything you wish to do.”