Strathfield College Senior Vice President Scott Robertson has announced that the college is now offering various English Programs in both its Sydney and Melbourne campuses effective July.

“Part of the College’s strategic direction is to focus on equipping international students with the skills to compete in the global marketplace of ideas,” says Mr Robertson. He also highlights Strathfield’s passion to prepare students for the international job market.

Mr Robertson emphasises the need for various English programs to prepare students to be more confident in using the language as a tool to communicate effectively, articulate their ideas clearly and move on to further studies in undergraduate and graduate programs.

Students from Europe, Latin America, Southeast Asia and the Subcontinent comprise Strathfield College’s population. Students currently enrolled in Strathfield’s certificate and diploma programs have already progressed through various English pathways to meet the College’s English language proficiency entry requirements.

Preparing international students to communicate in English – and thrive in Australia

Strathfield’s English for Academic Purposes (EAP) programs are available for international students who do not meet the English proficiency direct entry requirements of vocational or higher education programs. The EAP programs further support students with their goal of progressing on to obtaining a globally-recognised Australian qualification. Mr. Robertson points out that courses are also designed to help students make the most of their stay in Australia, equipping them with the language that they need for everyday social situations – greeting people, talking to fellow students, shopping, traveling, working part-time and interacting with customers or colleagues at work.

“It is our institution’s focus to ensure our students are better prepared to enter into the Australian vocational and higher education system and thrive as they put their ideas across with confidence and add value to class discussions.”

As an international provider of vocational education and training, Strathfield offers programs in Business Administration, Marketing and Communication, Leadership and Management, Travel and Tourism, Information Technology and Hospitality.

English courses

In line with Australia’s English Programs, Strathfield College currently offers the following English programs:

General English – Intermediate English, non-native English speakers; 12 weeks duration

English for Academic Purposes (EAP) 1 – Preparatory English for entry to a vocational education program; strong intermediate to upper intermediate English required; 10 weeks duration

English for Academic Purposes (EAP) 2 – Intermediate English program for entry to a bachelor’s degree; 5.5 IELTS required or equivalent; upper intermediate to advanced level; 10 weeks duration

English for Academic Purposes (EAP) 3 – Advanced English program for entry to a master’s or doctoral degree; 6.0 IELTS required or equivalent; upper intermediate to advanced level; 10 weeks duration

Intake schedules

The new intakes for Sydney and Melbourne campuses are as follows:

Sydney General English EAP 1 EAP 2 EAP 3
weekly 16 July 16 July 16 July
20 August 20 August 20 August
24 September 24 September 24 September
29 October 29 October 29 October
3 November 3 November 3 November
30 July 30 July 30 July 30 July
3 September 3 September 3 September 3 September
8 October 8 October 8 October 8 October
12 November 12 November 12 November 12 November
17 December 17 December 17 December


All students who are enrolled in the English courses are required to attend the orientation. Enquiries should be coordinated through or through telephone at +61 (2) 9212 7799.