General English: Equipping students to shine in the global marketplace of ideas

Strathfield College Senior Vice President Scott Robertson cannot highlight enough the importance of the mastery of the English language as a tool for communicating effectively, and international students who are quick to learn the language will definitely have an advantage in the global marketplace of ideas.

English is the most universally spoken language in the world. Approximately 1.5 billion people can speak or understand it, out of a total population of 7.5 billion, or 1 in 5 people have the potential to master the language especially those who are not native English speakers.

It is the most common language of international business, medicine and science, engineering and technology, diplomacy and tourism.

General English in a nutshell

The General English Course aims to develop students’ fluency in a friendly and fun environment. Here they build their vocabulary of English words, practice using the words in day-to-day situations and hone their skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing.

The course is designed as a pathway to Strathfield’s other programs – English for Academic Purposes, IELTS preparation or vocational courses.

Students who enrol in the program are given a placement test to determine their level of proficiency. They are then assessed against the material covered and progress to the next level once they pass the periodic assessment every 4 weeks. Here are the course highlights:

  • Student-centred. Students are closely monitored in a supportive setting to practice speaking in English and hone their communication skills at every opportunity.
  • 12-week course. Students tackle one module per week for the duration of 12 weeks.
  • Assessments. Students need to take each assessment test in Week 4, 8 and 12.
  • Completion Certificate. Students need to undertake the tests in order to receive a certificate.

With constant practice – reading, watching English shows or TV programs, listening and, mostly, speaking – international students will be able to further develop their mastery of the English language.

LenyGeneral English: Equipping students to shine in the global marketplace of ideas