An Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management, anyone?

The country saw a whopping 8.5 million international visits this year ending June 2017, a marked increase from 7.8 million visits in the same period last year1. This pumped in a jaw-dropping 40.6 billion dollars into the economy in the given period, compared to 38.1 billion dollars in that period in 2016. That’s a lot of people served and a lot of money raked in. Business is really booming for Australia’s tourism and hospitality sector.

Hospitality competitors are preoccupied with outplaying each other too. As Peter Seeto of Colliers International describes it, you can’t just serve good food. You need to offer extraordinary food, facilities, and experience. It’s that or you risk being unpopular on social media, where, according to, 71% of hospitality and tourism consumers base their purchasing decisions.

The competition is fierce, and Strathfield College (SC) Australia understands this very well. That’s why Strathfield now offers an Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management programme. The Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management, designed for aspiring hospitality managers, aims to provide students with strong managerial skills and industry knowledge in order to make sound decisions in strategic business management. Upon completion, graduates are equipped to perform the roles of2:

Area Manager or Operations Manager
Café Owner or Manager
Club Secretary or Manager
Executive Chef
Executive Housekeeper
Executive Sous Chef
Food and Beverage Manager
Head Chef
Motel Owner or Manager
Rooms Division Manager

About 65.1% of employed graduates of the Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management programme are in the Accommodation and Food Services industry, according to the Australian Government’s Department of Education and Training. 91.5% of all graduates recommend the training to other aspirants, while 95.7% claim that they have received personal benefits from training.



MarcAn Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management, anyone?