Discover Sydney and enjoy the unexpected

Places to go in and around Sydney

Free Bus

You can visit of the places in the city centre (the Rocks, Hyde Park, Circular Quay, Town Hall, Central) using the free 555 bus.  Look out for the green bus.


 The Beach

Sydney is famous for its beaches and they are easy to get to from the College.



If you go to Central Station you can get a 372 or 374 bus to Coogee. The journey takes around 30 minutes. If you are in the CBD you can get a 373 from Elizabeth St.

Bondi Beach

To go to Bondi beach you can take a 333 bus from Liverpool Street or catch a train to Bondi Junction (a large shopping centre) from platform 24 at Central Station and then get a 380, 381 or 389 bus to Bondi Beach.


Go to Circular Quay by bus or train where you can get a ferry to Manly.

A Beautiful Sydney Winters Day

Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo has a wide collection of animals and some of the best views of Sydney. The easiest way to get there is to get a ferry from Circular Quay.


The Rocks  

A short walk from Circular Quay is the Rocks which was Sydney’s first settlement. The Rocks have many good pubs and restaurants and an arts and crafts market every Saturday and Sunday.


Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour is the old port area of Sydney. There are a number of cafes and restaurants as well as attractions such as the Sydney Aquarium the Maritime Museum (which includes a number of ships you can visit), the Powerhouse Museum with a large collection of interactive exhibits and the new Sydney Wildlife World with a large collection of Australian animals. Darling Harbour is within walking distance of the College.



Night Life

City bars and nightclubs

Sydney city has many high-end bars such as Establishment, Ivy, Chinese Laundry, Marble Bar and the Argyle Hotel.  Although they have happy hour offers, it’s important to note that these bars are expensive and some charge cover fees of $20 for entry.


sydney festival

For more sights and sounds in Sydney visit:

Kings cross

Kings Cross or “The Strip” is famous in Sydney for being open 24/7.  It has nightclubs, theaters and live shows. It is busy and noisy and unique.

king cross

 Oxford St

Apart from setting the location for the Mardi Gras parade (usually on the first weekend of March), Oxford St is famous for its nightclubs, cabaret shows, drag shows and gay clubs.

mardi grass

You can also visit the following websites where you can find useful information about where to eat, things to do, events, and more: and


How to Travel

You need a ticket to travel on any public transport in Sydney (other than the 555 bus).  As an international student you must NOT buy a concession ticket.  Concession tickets are for local students only. If you are caught with a concession ticket you may be fined over $200.

 If you are staying in Sydney for over 3 months and you commute often, you can buy a MyMulti ticket which will reduce the overall price of your tickets.  If so, please ask Natalie at reception. The Sydney transport system charges tickets based on distance.  Please see estimated prices below.


The nearest train station is Central Station, a two-minute walk from Strathfield College. The prices for single and return tickets are as follows:

train ticket

Ticket 0-10km 10-20km 20-35km 35-65km +65km
Adult Single $4.00 $4.80 $5.40 $7.00 $8.80
Adult Return $8.00 $9.60 $10.80 $14.00 $17.60

 7 day and 14 day tickets are also available and have lower price per day than the above.



Many bus services stop opposite central station in Eddy Avenue. When you buy your ticket there are three available tickets.  The ticket you need depends on the distance (number of sections) you travel.  To calculate the number of sections.  Look for these symbols on the map:


Example 1: I get on the bus at section 10 and I leave at section 08.  I will travel 2 sections so I have to buy a MyBus1 ticket. Example 2:  I get on the bus at section 01 and I leave at section 08.  I will travel 7 sections so I have to buy a MyBus 3 ticket.


Ticket MyBus1
(1-2 sections)
(3-5 sections)
(6+ sections)
Adult single $2.40 $3.80 $4.70
Adult TravelTen $19.20 $30.40 $37.60


There are also several ferry services to Circular Quay. You can catch a train to Central Station from there. Ferry tickets are also charged based on distance.


Ticket MyFerry1
Adult single $6.20 $7.60
Adult return $12.40 $15.20


 The Opal Card

 The opal card is an electronic card that you can use to travel on buses, ferries and trains.

 The advantage of the opal card is that there is an upper limit (a cap) of how much you pay for travel.  After the cap is reached, any other travel is free.

See caps below:

Daily Sunday Weekly
$15 $2.50 8 journeys

In addition, a 60 minute transfer applies on all tickets.  For example, if you take a train, do your shopping in 30 minutes then come back on another train, it counts as one journey not two.


 A MyMulti ticket gives you unlimited travel on buses, trains, ferries and light rail.

There are three types of MyMulti tickets.  The ticket you need to buy depends on the zones where you will travel.

Please see the areas covered by MyMulti

 The prices for MyMulti are as follows:

Ticket MyMulti1 MyMulti2 MyMulti3
Adult DayPass $24 $24 $24
7 day (weekly) – Adult $48.00 $56.00 $65.00


You can also buy a monthly and yearly MyMulti.

Please check discounts for international students


Call the Transport Information Line on 131 500 for any timetable queries or use their website which is available in other languages as well 

SUTPLT_Two Colour

Working in Australia

Finding a job

You can ask for work in person by going inside shops and restaurants where you would like to work and ask if there are any vacancies. You may also use these websites to find a job in Sydney: 

If you apply for a job on seek or jobseeker, you will need a cover letter and a resume (a CV).

To learn how to write a resume, go to:

If you are an English student you can ask your teacher to check your cover letter and resume before you send it.

Also you can make an appointment with our Internship Coordinator. He can also advice you regarding your resume and how to issue a cover letter:

As for Gumtree, it is best to call, text or e-mail the contact immediately after the ad is placed because these positions are normally filled within hours of the placement of the ad.


Reynaldo and Branko @ Meeting Room

Tax File Numbers

Every worker in Australia needs a Tax File Number.  This is a nine digit number which your employer and the Australian government will use to pay and administer your taxes.

You can apply for your tax file number on this link:

You can also apply for one in person at any Post Office or through your employer.

Working rights, regulations and conditions

If you have a student visa, you may work 40 hours a fortnight (14 days) while you are studying (excluding any work undertaken as a registered component of their course of study or training) and you can work unlimited hours during scheduled course breaks.

If you work more than 40 hours per fortnight while your course is in session, you will be breaching your visa conditions and your visa may be cancelled.

For useful information about your work rights go to:

This website has very useful information about the minimum wage, casual pay rates for various industries, unfair dismissal, work hours and entitlements.

If you believe that your employer is treating you unfairly and you want action to be taken you must make a formal complaint and write to:

Fair Work Ombudsman- Complaints Assessment Team 

GPO Box 2567- Adelaide SA 5001.


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