Entry requirements

Upon entering the College, students are given an IELTS placement test which consists of reading, writing, listening and speaking components. This test is designed to assess a student’s likely band score in the IELTS test and whether the student is of a level where he or she could benefit from a preparation course.

If the student wants to take the General Training version of the test, he or she may enter the IELTS Preparation course after completing an intermediate class.

If the student wants to take the Academic version of the test, he or she may enter the IELTS Preparation course after completing an upper intermediate class.

How the course addresses the learner profile

This course is designed to do three things:

  • To familiarise our students with all areas of the test, including its format.
  • To give our students techniques for dealing with the different areas of the test.
  • To address common problems faced by students when they take the IELTS test.

After taking the course, our students should be able to use the English they have to its best advantage in terms of increasing their band score.

Course objectives

The course aims to give students their best chance of getting the IELTS test score they require. The content works on the assumption that our students already have a reasonable general English level. Therefore, the course concentrates on maximizing certain skill areas relevant to the IELTS test.

The course also aims to familiarise students with all aspects of the IELTS test, with a special focus on the test format and on the type of questions that occur in each component of the test. This gives them the knowledge and confidence needed to take the real test.

Course content organisation

As the IELTS test is divided into four distinct skill areas, the course is largely skills-based. Every week, students will work on each of the four skills. They will also have opportunities to practice their skills on material similar to the IELTS test.

Practice tests

Students are given practice tests (mock tests) every four weeks and parts of practice tests every day so that when they come to take the real test, they are armed with the right skillset.

These tests will be extensively analysed to help students find the best way to answer the questions.

IELTS preparation classes at Strathfield College simulate test-taking and teach strategies that will improve your test score through sessions about:

  • Predicting questions in listening
  • Skimming and scanning to improve reading speed
  • Essay writing
  • Public-speaking

Throughout the course, you will take practice tests or segments of practice tests. After completion of the test, your instructor will go through the material and give you tips on increasing your score.

At the end of your course, you will be awarded a certificate that will give you an overall indication of your level. These marks will not be the same as the marks you might get from the actual IELTS test. However, your certificate combined with your practice scores should give you an idea of what you will achieve in the real test.


Before entering the IELTS program, students are given a placement test which assesses reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in the context of the IELTS test. The Director of Studies will advise students whether they are ready to take an IELTS course or whether they should study  General English first.

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