Francisco Lopez – EAP student from Colombia


Gan-Erdene – EAP student from Mongolia


Seonki Son – EAP student from Korea


Santiago Gonzalez Pascual – EAP student from Spain

Strathfield College Student   I have heard a lot of good things about Strathfield College. The teachers are supportive and approachable and I am happy that I enrolled here. – Penelope
Strathfield College Student   I like studying at Strathfield College because it’s one of the most professional colleges in Sydney. Since english is not my first language, I get extra support in improving my grammar and vocabulary. The trainers are very helpful, so I’m thankful I got to know them. The staff is also supportive and approachable especially when students have problems. – Andrea
Strathfield College Student  My trainer is a very good teacher who is passionate about what he does. If you do not have much experience in IT, it may be challenging, but the trainer will guide you through the course. You’ll learn quickly as long as you have the right attitude. My classmates are friendly and kind, and I have built a lot of friendships with people from different nationalities. Travelling to and from the College is easy as there is good transportation system around. Strathfield College is very close to central station. – Dong
Strathfield College Student   I liked Strathfield College even from day one- the multicultural environment, the industry-relevant learning materials and individual approach. I’m glad I picked Strathfield to study my Diploma in Leadership and Management.
– Kimberly
Goran Jankulovski Strathfield College StudentSince I’ve begun to study at the college I have met people from different countries but that is not all. Teachers in Strathfield College are fun, they always have a way to explain something for example grammar in an interesting way. Recently, we had a reading project , which helps us with our reading skills, improving our vocabulary and pronunciation. For me Strathfield Collage is the best place for studying English language. – Goran
Brendalli Dos Santos Strathfield College StudentI have been studying here at Strathfield College since 2013. It is an excellent study environment with excellent facilities and class activities (books, CDs, extra materials, games, working in a team and library). The teachers are well trained, competent, friendly and considerate. The reception and the Director are very helpful. I can say that here in this school my English has improved 100% without having to spend a lot of money. – Brendalli
Liliana Gorzan Strathfield College StudentI was studying EAP course from October to December 2013, it was a great experience because I could improve my English skills. The teacher, Sam Rodgers, gave us a lot of knowledge for our future studies. He did dynamic and valuable classes. I had a really good time. Thank you, Strathfield College! – Liliana