Strathfield College provides accommodation through our preferred home-stay and accommodation service provider in Sydney. Whilst we can organise accommodation for you, we are not responsible for and make no guarantee as to accommodation services or costs. Please be aware that the minimum stay of booking is four weeks.

To apply please click and download the Airport Pickup and Accommodation Request Form



Our Homestay provider ensures a network of pre-checked homes that offer accommodation at reasonable rent. We can organise this type of accommodation with an Australian family for you if given 5 weeks notice. Homestay Placement Fee is AUD 220 (including GST). The minimum stay of booking is four (4) weeks.

Homestay, however, does not include the cost of telephone calls.

If you wish to change your Homestay, you should speak to our Student Support Officer at the College. If you have any questions or doubts during your stay, you should speak to your Homestay family first.

Homestay is a wonderful way for students to get invaluable practice speaking English and represents a great opportunity to learn about Australian culture and way of life.

Boarding Houses

Boarding houses range from fairly large commercial properties to average sized houses run by private citizens.

Full board, room with use of facilities, or room only is available.

You can expect to pay about AUD120-180 per week for a single or shared room in a boarding house.

Full board arrangements consist of a single room in a private house where the householder provides meals for you and you share in the life of the family. The cost on average for accommodation and three meals a day is AUD250 per week. This is a good way for international students to improve their English and learn about Australian culture quickly.

You can also check the following sites to find a quote:

Rental Accommodation

Initial establishment costs for a shared apartment or house, such as rental bonds for accommodation, electricity, gas and telephone, could add up to at least AUD1500. Estimates of average rental accommodation costs per week are as below:

Type of AccommodationEstimated Cost per week
Apartment/ Flat
1 bedroomAUD300-350
2 bedroomAUD350-400
2-3 bedroomsAUD400-550

Cost of Utilities

Please take account of the extra cost of the use of electricity, the telephone and gas on top of your rent. The initial cost of connecting these basics is as follows:

UtilityCost of initial connection

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