Strathfield College Melbourne started operations in 2016, a decade after the first campus was established in Sydney. As a vocational education and training (VET) provider, we are focused on equipping international students with practical, job-ready skills in a friendly, close-knit environment.

Integrating the fun culture on campus has always been Strathfield College’s philosophy. We believe in making learning fun for our international students as they navigate their way through Australia’s education system. The faculty are industry experts and practitioners with strong backgrounds in their respective fields.

Our support staff are highly-trained in administering various services to our international students. We provide many opportunities for our students to socialise and explore the city of Melbourne through year-round activities like sports events, excursions, get-togethers, holiday celebrations, talks and workshops while developing their job skills and competencies.

Strathfield College Melbourne
Level 8, 108 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne 3000
  • Located in the heart of the Melbourne CBD
  • Many public transport options, including Melbourne’s iconic trams, allow for an easy commute for students from across the city and suburbs.
  • The campus location takes advantage of the wide variety of restaurants, cafes, sports and shopping options Melbourne has to offer.