Can’t find a job?…Create it!

Strathfield College is a world of opportunities and in this article we want to share some successful experiences of students who have participated in our Internship Program.

Reynaldo Cabungcal My name is Reynaldo Cabungcal and I am a trainer at Strathfield College. Also, since September 2013 I have been in charge of the Strathfield College Internship Program, helping the students to find and create their own way. I’m sure you have read other posts with similar titles but I have to say this is different. This is not a “How to do blog”, this is a “How it was actually done by students at Strathfield College blog”. This is a compilation of real stories, stories of students who are now in roles that did not exist when they started with the “Internship Program” at the school. They did not mind that it was an unpaid role, or that it was not exactly the type of job they had training for or even wanted to be in. In some cases there wasn’t even a host company to take them in. They just wanted to start something and they did!

Reynaldo and Branko @ BalconyThe first example is Branko, who did not have any formal training in Information Technology (IT). He attracted my attention by acing all his
Certificate IV IT assessments on system administration. He was invited to assist with the College’s IT Projects and the rest is, as they say, history. Well, history in the making to be more precise as he continues to grow and take on more responsibility. His pay also continues to grow as the College continues to embark on its IT expansion. Currently working on his Diploma in IT, he continues to participate in an unpaid internship for a start-up IT consultancy. Due to the practical knowledge and experience he has gained, however, he has taken on more of an advisory role rather than being a mere intern.

Wynn-Square-Intern-Strathfield-CollegeAnother good example of what we are capable of doing is Wynn, who showed excellence in the classroom as a Certificate IV IT student. This earned him the recognition of the management at AERPI, one of the College’s allied institutions ( His other skills and experience were discovered and he quickly became a fulltime employee at AERPI. He took on an important role in the Institute’s online marketing. He also became involved in product development owing to his knowledge and experience with the higher education system of the United States, where he is from.  He has received more lucrative offers from other companies since then. The College is happy to have been part in creating a career pathway for him.

These students not only created jobs for themselves but actually paved the way for others. The position left by Wynn at his former job has been taken over by Fred. He is a fellow American, a Strathfield College Student and fellow intern. Fred got it not because he was at the right place at the right time. He fully deserved it. He is a ‘veteran’ of three internships including one which he joined during the term break. He has finished the induction training but has given no notice that he is giving up his internship position with another host company. Incidentally, Fred’s new company is looking at opening paid internships for Strathfield College students.

There were other interns like Marion and Flavio who also helped pave the way. They successfully finished three month unpaid internships long before this author even came to know of this College. There were others whose stories, unfortunately, we have not known. These stories started long before there was a formal internship program in place. Now that there is an Internship Program, more stories are being ‘written’ and will be the subject of future blogs.

So tell me, what’s your story?…


Written by Reynaldo Cabungcal

SC EditorCan’t find a job?…Create it!