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Riccardo Recupero from Italy tells us about his decision to study in Australia

“When I decided to study in Australia I asked around and I finally realised the best and easiest way to do it was to go to see an agency. I found Bridge Agency thanks to a friend, and when I went there they helped me to make the decision and I had the chance to analyse different study opportunities. I’ve always worked in hospitality so I decide to study that, to finally have a Diploma in my area and I discovered Strathfield College.

Coming to Australia has always been my dream since I was a kid. I really wanted to spend time in this beautiful country, and I realised I could study or also get a sponsorship. After almost two months studying at Strathfield College I can say that I know I made the right choice.
The lessons are really interesting because they cover almost all the aspects of working in hospitality and I found it really useful to improve my knowledge to become a manager. The lessons are always interactive and not boring; the use of the laptop is essential and here, it is always granted. I’m very happy with the very professional and relaxed style in which the courses are delivered. Classes are really nice and clean, everything works perfectly”.

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