Why Study Business at SC?

SC Editor

Jelena Sakele – student from Lithuania:

“I started my experience of Diploma of Business Administration course with Payroll Management and I found it very beneficial, because most of employment requirements include basic financial knowledge. It also helped me to DSC_1391understand payroll taxation system and learn how to use MYOB program.

Next two courses – Document Design and Plan or Review Administrative System were absolutely cognitive. These units helped me to develop skills in the use of a range of software packages in order to establish, document and implement consistent standards of document design and policies within an organisation.

Another unit which I find extremely useful was – Manage Meetings. It was the best experience of group work I ever had. We learned from the beginning till the end, step by step, how to manage meetings practically. I applied the experience from this unit my minute-taking responsibilities at a business meeting taker during my internship.

Of course, one of the most important units was Manage Recruitment Process where I learned how to select and induct new employees in depth.

I have to mention that all these knowledge and skills would be hard to obtain without the brilliant tutoring of my teacher. She has a capacity and competency to teach us all the content of these units and not only that, she also inspired us to think practically, as we should in a workplace.

I will never forget her contribution to my education”.

 Deirdre D’Souza – Business Trainer:

The biggest advantage of studying a business course at Strathfield is that the 8 units selected are tailored to suit industry needs. Business is a course that is applicable to many industries where you can take the core knowledge learntDEIRDRE_TESTIMONIAL and apply it to different areas. Students gain a sound knowledge of the various aspects of the course be it designing documents, undertaking projects, analysing a customer charter, calculating payroll, reviewing administrative systems, managing the recruitment process or just experimenting with different types of presentations. Exposure to certain applications like MYOB, Prezi, Gantt chart, Quality service tools is an added advantage.

Our aim is to encourage students in identifying and developing their skills through our various assessment strategies. Students also learn life skills like teamwork, communication and time management. 

Students that finish the diploma of business course are confident at taking up responsibilities and challenges in their workplace or into their next course. They become better learners.
Special attention is given to students with learning difficulties where assessments are customized to their needs.  The outcome of our business course is the excellent feedback from students of the course and the trainers.  We create a fun environment for our students and provide up to date facilities.

We have just finished the unit ‘Manage Payroll’ where students had a chance to use MYOB and print out payslips and fill in the BAS statement, Employee Summary Sheets and the TFN form which was a learning experience for most of them.
Come, experience and enjoy our Business courses at Strathfield College with has a varied and flexible timetable throughout the week”.

SC EditorWhy Study Business at SC?