Update: Strathfield College student named NSW International Student of the Year!

SC Editor

Update: We are pleased to inform you the Yam has been awarded the NSW International Student of the Year in the VET category! Please join us in congratulating Yam.


Yam Dhital, a Strathfield College student studying his Diploma of Business, has been shortlisted for the NSW International Student Awards in the Vocational Education and Training category.  The awards celebrate outstanding contributions and achievements made by international students in communities around NSW.

Yam has been recognised for his compassion, helpfulness and humility. In December 2016, Yam saved a child who was trapped in a burning building. Four-year-old Shrish Thapa and his parents were in their apartment on the top floor of a building when a fire broke out that could not be controlled. Shrish’s father had already jumped out of the building with the intention of assisting his wife and son escape, however, during his fall, injured himself and could not assist his family. Yam, who lives on the same block, saw the flames, called 000 and offered to help. Shrish’s mother then dropped the boy down and Yam caught him. Shortly after, the fire brigade arrived and were able to assist in rescuing Shrish’s mother and bring the blaze under control.

In January this year, Yam received the Strathfield College Community Services Award for his efforts. Since, Yam has become even more involved in the Strathfield College and wider community that he is a part of. He advocates for multiculturalism and inclusiveness, and organises and participates in events that involve the local Nepalese community in NSW. He is an active member of multicultural groups that provide a vital link between Nepalese and Australians in his local community.

Please join us in congratulating Yam on his achievements and wish him the best of luck. The winners will be announced on 22 September.



SC EditorUpdate: Strathfield College student named NSW International Student of the Year!