Orientation Day: helping students find out more about their studies

SC Editor

As we start term 4, Strathfield College’s VET students have been busy adjusting to their new study schedule while appreciating the warmer weather Australia is now offering.

On Friday 30 September, we held our first VET orientation for term 4 at our Sydney campus. We welcomed many students from various countries to the campus.

One of the highlights of the day was a presentation given by Rika, a current student enrolled in our Diploma of Business Administration program. She spoke about a number of different topics: classes, course content, teaching and academic support. This was very useful for the new students, who appreciated hearing first-hand from a current student about what to expect during their upcoming studies.

Here is a snippet from Rika’s speech:

Currently, I am undertaking my Diploma in Business Administration. The trainer is the most caring and knowledgeable person, with a good sense of humour. Due to the small class sizes, the trainers are able to check everyone’s learning progress and ensure that we are on the right path. Besides my positive experience with my trainer, I have the opportunity to consult with other academic support services whenever I need to.

SC EditorOrientation Day: helping students find out more about their studies