SC teachers have TESOL teaching qualifications and a relevant degree

Kasia Zaorska


“I believe strongly that learning is only effective in an enjoyable environment with clear objectives”.

Kasia teaches the Elementary level at Strathfield College. She comes from Poland but her English teaching career started in Iceland, where she completed her Master’s degree. She also studied in Canada, and came to Australia to study applied linguistics at UNSW. Her experiences living abroad give her profound empathy for her students as she can relate to them.

Kasia focuses on communicative abilities, as those are crucial for our students. Kasia’s background in linguistics helps her to predict and prepare for difficulties that learners encounter in English.

Veronica Vasino


“I have a passion for teaching languages to people with different ethnic backgrounds and I enjoy being creative and utilising new ideas to stimulate the students and meet their needs”.

Veronica gained experience in teaching while she was studying at University in Italy. She worked as an after-school teacher, private English language tutor and volunteer teacher to Sudanese refugees.

She has a Bachelor degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures, with a major in Japanese language and culture. She has developed strong language analysis skills by learning English and Japanese and being an ESL speaker, she has a deep understanding of the English language learning process.

A year after coming to Australia, she completed her CELTA qualification in Sydney and since then, she has taught General English as well as Academic English.

At Strathfield college, she teaches Pre-Intermediate and Advanced level classes.

Veronica lived in England and Japan and she thinks travelling is the best way to learn a foreign language.

Jessica Paez


Communication is an essential tool we use to express our thoughts, information and most importantly brings people together. By teaching English to students at Strathfield College in a fun and positive environment, we not only teach them about the English language but also give them the confidence and abilities to participate and enjoy life in a foreign country.

Jessica joined the Strathfield College team at the beginning of 2016. She specialises in teaching General English at the intermediate level. Her experience includes teaching English at all levels while living abroad in Chile.

Jessica’s undergraduate degree was in a Master of Arts in History and Sociology and later completed a postgraduate degree in a Masters in TESOL.

At Strathfield College her aim is to create a fun, safe and engaging environment for students to learn. She enjoys teaching students from all around the world and learning about their background and culture.

Guy Lowe


Guy was born and raised in Sydney, but started his teaching career at elementary and high schools in South Korea. The experience of teaching abroad was an interesting look into the ESL education field and made him want to pursue it further. Since then, he has obtained a Masters in Bilingual and Bicultural Education and has also completed his CELTA.

Guy likes working with students from many different backgrounds and cultures. Currently, he teaches Intermediate and IELTS preparation classes at Strathfield College. He enjoys being able to have conversations with students about their lives and always tries to incorporate real world experiences into his lessons.

Franciska Quinn-Krusche

“I really enjoy creating a fun but also challenging learning environment. I think people learn best when they are enjoying themselves and can see the real world application of their knowledge”

Franciska recently started at Strathfield College as Senior Teacher but she has over 6 years teaching experience. She has an undergraduate degree in linguistics and German from UNSW and a Teaching Masters in TESOL from the University of Sydney. Franciska has taught all levels of English, from Beginner to Upper-Intermediate. She has also taught IELTS Preparation and EAP classes. She enjoys giving students the tools to become lifelong learners outside of the classroom. Franciska likes to keep up to date with current research in TESOL and apply these ideas to the classroom environment.

Neeka Babar

“I find teaching English extremely gratifying. I believe that Strathfield College has a great student body that inspire me to continue finding creative ways to make the learning process fun and engaging!”

Neeka has grown up living in different parts of the world, and strongly believes that it is one major reason that has drawn her to the field of teaching English and has made her more compassionate towards second language learners. She loves to travel and learn about different cultures. In Pakistan, she taught English to O-level and A-level students.

She moved to Australia five years ago and has completed two master’s degrees; one in Educational Leadership and other in TESOL. She completed her CELTA in January and since then has been teaching at Strathfield College.

Neeka teaches pre-intermediate and upper-intermediate/advanced students at Strathfield College.

Sam Rodgers


Sam has taught English as a Second Language for seven years in both Sydney and the University of Adelaide. He specialises in English for Academic Purposes, having taught several EAP courses at Strathfield College, and Pre-Enrolment Preparation (PEP) courses at the University of Adelaide’s English Language Centre. He has extensive experience teaching IELTS preparation courses, as well as Cambridge CAE and TOEFL test courses.

Sam’s undergraduate degree was in Media Studies and he has his Masters in Creative Writing and writes part-time. His work has been featured in several national and international magazines and journals. He has lived in Spain and the UK, and travelled extensively all over the world.

Elias Seitanides


“I have found teaching to be a very unique, rewarding and challenging experience. What motivates me is the fact that I am constantly enhancing my English teaching skills while at the same time helping the students to improve their language ability.”

Elias has been teaching at Strathfield College since 2015, starting shortly after the completing his CELTA qualification. He has taught a variety of levels of English ranging from Elementary to Upper-Intermediate taught for close to 6 months. He believes that what makes teaching English unique is that one is constantly learning new things and challenging oneself. He enjoys involving the students in class room activities as much as possible and being very active in the classroom. For Elias, learning is a team-effort and active participation is required by both teacher and students.

Julija Stepanova


 “I believe learning should be fun and educational at the same time. If students enjoy what they are doing in the class, their English skills will improve faster”

Julija joined Strathfield College in 2011 and since then has taught students at every level in the General English courses. Having learned English as a second language helps her understand the learner’s perspective and difficulties students might encounter.

Julija was a key member of the action research project on Extensive Reading  Strategies carried out at Strathfield College in 2013. The project went on to be awarded the English Australia/Pearson 2013 Award for Contribution to Professional Practice.

At Strathfield College, her aim is to create a supportive and dynamic environment that encourages students to participate.

Ben Lee


 “I enjoy the amazing diversity of students at Strathfield College and I enjoy helping students interact with a culture foreign to their own”

Ben has been teaching English language for over 6 years now at Strathfield College. He specialises in teaching the Elementary and Beginner levels. He particularly enjoys teaching lower-level students and the unique challenges of communicating to students while they are learning English language.

Ben possesses various creative talents in music, art and writing and successfully integrates and utilises these talents and skills effectively in his teaching by making his own teaching resources, adapting and creating them to meet his students’ needs. Ben likes singing and playing the guitar and flute. He finds music to be a great medium of spiritual expression as well as a motivational and useful tool for student learning.

Lea Ennuyer


“I strongly believe Education is key to make the world a better place. Teaching at Strathfield College is greatly rewarding. I feel very lucky to be able to connect with students from all over the world and help them make their dreams come true.”

Lea has been teaching for over 6 years and has taught all levels of General English. She joined Strathfield College in July 2015. She has lived and taught in the UK, in France, in Japan and has now made Australia her new home. Her bachelor degree in English Studies, TESOL diploma and several teaching experiences have given her extra willingness to be the perfect teacher. Lea wants her students to be confident in their progress. She also wants them to leave the classroom happy and willing to practice what they have learnt.

Brenda Dore


I think that teaching English is not only confined to developing students’ reading, writing, speaking and listening skills but also helps them enrich their lives and achieve their goals“.

Brenda is a trained high school English Teacher from the Philippines.  She taught in a private school there for three years before migrating to Australia in the mid 90’s.  She completed her postgraduate qualification in TESOL at the University of New England in Armidale NSW and has been teaching English as a Second Language for more than 16 years here in Australia to both domestic and international students.

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