RTO Obligations

 1. To receive a high quality education that is intellectually stimulating. This includes:

  • Up-to-date course materials relevant to industry outcomes and high quality training.
  • Learner resources including assessment
  • Access to appropriate facilities and equipment as per industry and training package requirements
  • Access to trainer/assessors, including individual consultation outside classroom session.
  • Learning experience and campus life.
  • Opportunities to provide feedback on curriculum training sessions and SC facilities, and to be informed of the outcome of this feedback.
  • Confidence that all training program requirements are accessible throughout the course and that these programs satisfy the professional and industry requirements of the relevant training package.

 2. To receive timely and accurate information in your dealings with SC. This includes:

  • Receiving appropriate feedback in a timely manner on work submitted for assessment from trainer/assessor.
  • Receiving accurate, timely and accessible information about all relevant aspects of your specific course (including content, assessment requirements and timetables), before the course commences.
  • SC will ensure that all relevant program requirements, rules and policies relating to learner responsibilities are clear and readily accessible.
  • Not being disadvantaged if SC changes the requirements of or discontinues the program in which you are enrolled, and being advised of pathways to complete that program, or an appropriate alternative program.
  • After successfully completion of the qualification SC will issue the qualification certificate and transcripts.

 3. To be respected and treated fairly and equitably. This includes:

  • Being treated fairly and in a non-discriminatory manner, regardless of your cultural and educational background.
  • Having access to a fair and equitable grievance and appeals process.
  • Having legal rights respected, including intellectual property rights and the right to privacy.
  • Having consumer protection right.

 4. To study in a supportive environment. This includes:

  • Having the freedom to voice alternative views during rational discussion and debate.
  • SC is committed to ensuring that access and equity considerations are incorporated in the provision of training delivery and assessment services in an environment that embraces equal opportunity, equity, fairness and respect for social and cultural diversity. All staffs are made aware of SC policies and procedures at induction.


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